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Appellate Briefs:


Criminal Appeals In New York.


In every appeal the Criminal Appeals Lawyer must file a brief. ┬áThe appellate brief has two major objectives: (1) to make the appellate court aware of some mistake that occurred in the lower court, and (2) to persuade the appeals court that my client’s conviction should be vacated and the case remanded for a new trial.

I have put together sections of many of the appellate briefs that I have filed over the years that covers a broad range of appealable issues in criminal cases.

Check back on this page often as I will update it with new briefs frequently, or if you have a specific question let me know at

Fourth Amendment Search and Seizure Issues

Appealing Denial of Mapp Dunaway Hearing


Sentencing Issues

Defendant’s Right To Speak At Sentencing

Harsh and Excessive Sentence