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We handle federal criminal appeals in Miami, Florida. We are a boutique law firm and practices exclusively in the area of federal criminal appeals. If you have a federal case in Miami, Florida, whether your case is an appeal after trial or a plea agreement and you just want to appeal your sentence, we can help. We have experience in federal appeals in all types of criminal cases including mail fraud, wire fraud, tax fraud, mortgage fraud, securities fraud, RICO Act, Hobbs Act, Insurance fraud, narcotics sale and possession, weapons possession, to name only a few.?? Contact our Miami, Florida federal criminal appeals lawyers today for a free consultation. Call 1-800-APPEALS (1-800-277-3257).


Federal criminal appeals can be a very complex process, even for attorneys. Your last best chance of protecting your rights on appeal is to consult with an attorney that practices in the area of federal criminal appeals. We will review your case, whether it is a federal trial or a plea agreement, and we will find the best legal issues to argue on your federal criminal appeal.

Federal Criminal Appeals: The Notice of Appeal

Our federal appeals lawyers will get your case started by filing the notice of appeal in a timely fashion to get things started correctly.?? Federal criminal appeals have a limited time for the filing of this simple yet crucial document. No federal appeal can be started until the filing of the notice of appeal. Getting this document filed in the right court and on time is an important first step to starting your appeal and protecting your rights.


Our federal appeals lawyers handle federal criminal appeals in Miami and all over the United States. We only do criminal appeals, and we will work with you to ensure that your rights are protected at every stage of the appeals process.

America-Justice-LawFlorida Federal Criminal Appeals: Transcripts and Records

Every successful federal criminal appeal starts by scrutinizing the record and making sure that all of your rights were protected at trial. Therefore, obtaining the record, whether its a trial or a plea and sentence is job number one.?? We have experience in dealing with court reporters and obtaining the transcripts of your proceedings. The time spent perusing these transcripts and identifying appealable legal issues is the most important part of the appellate process. If you dont identify the legal issue, you cant argue it on appeal. We will leave no stone unturned in the search for the right appealable legal issues. Our experience in the practice of federal criminal appeals is unparalleled because we only practice criminal appeals.

The ultimate goal of any federal criminal appeal is writing an effective appellate brief.?? Most federal appeals will be decided on the brief alone, even if the appellate court grants oral argument. We will spend a considerable amount of time writing and re-writing the appellate brief to ensure that every legal issue is raised, that all the law in your favor is cited, and that it is the most persuasive brief for your case. We have the most advanced legal research tools at our disposal and extensive experience in legal research and writing effective legal arguments.

Federal Criminal Appeals in Miami, Florida: Oral Argument

Many, but not all, cases will be granted oral argument. This is an important part of any appeal because it is where your appeals lawyer will communicate directly with the judges deciding your federal criminal appeal. The Circuit Courts of Appeal usually grant your appellate lawyer a very brief period of time for oral argument, sometimes only 10 minutes. This is why you need to hire an experienced federal criminal appeals lawyer that has experience in these types of cases and has done numerous arguments in front of federal appeals panels. The oral argument is an opportunity for persuasion and to clarify legal issues for the judges and to answer any questions they may have about your case. Being prepared and answering questions from an panel of federal appeals judges is what we do.


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