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More than my Biography – this is my philosophy on the practice of criminal appeals.


Welcome to my website!  Other than blowing my own horn here and bragging about everything I’ve ever done in my life, I want to tell you about my philosophy on how I represent clients and how I approach each case.

First, every client has my cell phone number.  If you don’t believe me…call 212-960-8267.  I firmly believe that when people want to talk to their lawyer they should have access to me, not my secretary.  If you get my machine (I’m probably in the shower or sleeping) I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Second, I treat every client the way I would want to be treated – I always ask myself, if this were my father, brother, mother, sister, friend, how would I want them to be treated and represented.  And with that perspective in mind, that is how I go about working on a client’s case.

Third, you will get an honest assessment of your case.  If I think your case is great, I’ll tell you. If I think your case is not so good, then I’ll tell you that too.  Don’t hate me because I am critical of your case, rejoice in the fact that you’ve found an honest lawyer.

I have designed my website for you – the reader.  I have designed this site to teach and inform.   Take a few minutes… look around. There are lots of summaries of cases in the Archives on your right, articles on various topics to your left.  I even put up videos to help you understand the appellate process (there will be more videos to come).

You can even search for various topics using the search box over on the right side of this page.  If you have a question send me an email at or you can even call or text me if you like 212-960-8267 (again with the cell phone).

What you can expect when you come to see me.


Every new client that comes to my office gets a one hour lecture on the appeals process.  I firmly believe that I am doing my clients (and myself) a great service by educating them and making them understand the process of an appeal.  When the client understands the process, then we can both speak the same language and communicate more effectively.  Appeals can sometimes take a year or more, so it is important that the client knows all the roads and alleys we are about to embark upon.

With that said, I look forward to speaking with you and, if you do me the honor, working for you.  The following lists my academic and professional accomplishments:

I established my own Appellate Law Firm after years of extensive work for law firms and the public defenders office in New York City and throughout New York.

I am admitted to the following bars and jurisdictions as I write appeals in New York and in Federal Courts throughout the nation:

  • The New York State Bar
  • The United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York
  • The United States District Court for the Southern District of New York
  • The United States District Court for the Northern District of New York
  • The United States District Court for the Western District of New York
  • The First Circuit Court of Appeals
  • The Second Circuit Court of Appeals
  • The Third Circuit Court of Appeals
  • The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals
  • The United States Supreme Court.

Since I entered law school I have won numerous awards for my research and writing skills. While at school I earned a position as special assistant to three law professors where I contributed to numerous legal articles and treatises. I graduated with honors from St. John’s University with a Juris Doctor in Law and an MBA in management and finance.

While still in school I won a number of awards and competitions for my writing skills such as the NorthEastern Conference Writing Competition, the Dr. DeLuca Award and the University Foundation Award. I was also awarded membership to Beta Gamma Sigma and Omicron Delta Epsilon because of outstanding scholarship. While in law school I worked for a Federal District Court Judge and a New York State Supreme Court Judge gaining valuable experience working on all types of Federal and State cases.

Probably one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life is live in Italy for a few years.  I  spent two years studying jurisprudence at La Sapienza Universita di Roma: Facolta di Giurisprudenza e Scienze Politiche, in Rome, Italy.  I recommend that everyone live in Italy for at least one year of their lives.

My international experience with the Italian and European systems of law have given me greater insight and a broader perspective on the law, I bring this collective knowledge to all my writings and arguments. I fluently speak, read and write Italian.

For five years I worked as a Public Defender and held the position of Felony Bureau Trial Attorney. I have tried every type of case under the New York State Penal Law, sharpening skills at identifying legal issues and arguing cases before both trial courts and appellate courts.

I now proudly head the Appellate Practice at my own law firm and I am the official “go to” lawyer for dozens of law firms throughout New York City and the State of New York whenever there is a trial or appellate issue that needs thoughtful consideration and insightful exposition.

I have lectured before numerous legal associations including the Long Island Hispanic Bar Association, the Nassau Women’s Bar Association, the Nassau Criminal Bar Association and at St. John’s University School of Law, St. John’s University  Tobin School of Business, the American Bar Association.