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constitutiondaypicThe Boston Federal Appeals Lawyers of our firm work exclusively on criminal appeals and can assist you in achieving your appellate goals. Stephen Preziosi is the lead attorney and works on each case that comes through our Wall Street office in New York. We are experts in the production of appellate briefs and in the presentation of compelling oral argument before the First Circuit Court of Appeals in the Federal System. Each case will get individual attention throughout the appellate process.

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Boston Federal Appeals

first circuit courthouseYou have the right to an appeal. In every case, whether it is a trial or a plea bargain, you have rights that must be protected. Our Boston Federal Appeals Attorneys are committed to providing expert advice and performance in the area of Federal Criminal Appeals. We will fight for you throughout the criminal appeals process in order to obtain the most favorable outcome for your case. We have the most up to date legal research system in the United States, we have the finest legal writers, and we utilize the finest criminal investigative experts and private investigators in the country. We utilize all of these resources with one objective in mind winning your case on appeal.

Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Every criminal appeal requires expertise in the United States Sentencing Guidelines. We are experts in this area of the law. The Sentencing Guidelines can be very complex. It is a mixture of case law from the United States Supreme Court and the Guidelines. Each case starts with the calculation of one’s criminal history level and the offense level. Federal prosecutors and judges often add offense level points without clear reasoning, adding months or even years to your sentence. Scrutinizing every issue and every point added is what we do best. The arguments we make on appeal as to how many offense level points are added and why can make a difference in terms of months and years.plea-deal

Plea or Trial

Just because you plead guilty does not mean that you are prevented from filing an appeal. It is important to recognize that you can appeal not only your conviction (after trial), but you can also appeal the length of your sentence after trial or after you plead guilty. This is an important concept and the entirety of your case must be studied by an appeals lawyer with experience. We will look over your plea agreement, examine the plea and sentence minutes, and ensure that every aspect of the law was followed and we will find any and every avenue for relief in your case. If there is some mistake made by any of the attorneys or the judge in your case, we will find it, and we will argue it in the Courts of Appeal.

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Federal Habeas Corpus and Coram Nobis Petitions

Habeas_CorpusWe know how to utilize the Writs of Habeas Corpus or the Writ of Errors Coram Nobis in Federal Courts. Your case may have originated in a State Court or Federal Court, but you still may have the right to bring a petition in Federal Courts under the Habeas Statutes 28 U.S.C. 2254 if your case originated in State Court or 28 U.S.C. 2255 if your case originated in Federal Court, under the All Writs Act of 28 U.S.C. 1651 for the Writ of Errors Coram Nobis.

Each of these writs stems from the common law, but has been codified in the federal statutes. They are designed to give voice to those whose constitutional rights have been violated. That is where we come in. Our firm has extensive experience in the area of all types of Federal Writs. We have extensive experience in finding the constitutional legal issues that will bring your case to the attention of federal judges. Finding each of these issues and advising you what will work and what will not work requires experience in this area of the law.

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