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Federal Criminal Appeals Attorney in Massachusetts

The Appellate Law Office of Stephen N. Preziosi is a boutique federal criminal appeals law firm admitted to practice in the First Circuit Court of Appeals. So, whether your federal criminal conviction originated in Boston, Lowell, New Bedford, Springfield, or Worcester, our federal appeals lawyers can and will work hard to protect and defend your rights throughout Massachusetts. And, our federal criminal appeals attorneys are admitted to the Supreme Court of the United States, so we will go with you all the way to the top, if necessary.

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constitutiondaypicExperienced Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyers

Federal criminal law is extensive and complex. The Appellate Law Office of Stephen N. Preziosi can help you navigate the procedural rules and substantive laws involved in the appellate process, which vary according to the origin of the conviction. Our experienced federal criminal appeals attorneys help both individuals and businesses in a wide-range of post-conviction appeals including the following:


  • Economic crimes such as bank fraud, bankruptcy fraud, advance fee schemes, insurance fraud, money laundering, securities fraud, commercial bribery & insider trading, and public corruption;
  • Organized crime convictions such as illegal drug manufacturing, trafficking, importing, distributing, possessing, & selling, gang prosecutions, extortion, loan sharking, & racketeering;
  • Major and violent crimes such as arson, explosives, firearms & ammunition offenses, bank robberies, custom offenses, counterfeiting, assault on federal officials, manslaughter, and murder; and
  • Mail fraud, wire fraud, and heath care fraud.

Exposing Appealable Issues in the Trial Court RecordNew-York-Criminal-Appeals-Misdemeanor-Convictions

Sometimes, trial court judges, lawyers, and jurists make unintentional mistakes; other times, they abuse their discretion. However, the federal criminal appeals lawyers at The Appellate Law Office of Stephen N. Preziosi believe that you should not be punished for mistakes. We help safeguard your Constitutional rights and protections by examining the trial process, analyzing the trial court record, and bringing to light appealable errors including the following:

  • Improperly admitting evidence obtained by invalid warrants or illegal search and seizures (4th Amendment);
  • Failure to provide a fair process and equal treatment (5th Amendment);
  • Errors due to ineffective assistance of counsel (6th Amendment);
  • Unreasonable or excessive sentences (8th Amendment); and
  • Violations of the Federal Rules of Evidence.

Federal-Criminal-AppealsExceptional Oral Arguments and Appellate Briefs

Anytime there is an appealable error, the Appellate Law Office of Stephen N. Preziosi will inform you, explain the ramifications, and work with you to develop a strategy to resolve the issue. Our federal criminal appeals attorneys will then prepare a persuasive appellate court brief to present the errors that burdened your conviction. In addition, we will craft a convincing oral argument for the appellate panel of judges in your case. It is our job to make sure the judges know that your rights were denied, violated, and ignored. We are here to serve you in your Massachusetts federal criminal conviction appeal.


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