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NY Criminal Appeals Lawyer: Appealing a Misdemeanor Conviction.

The importance of a misdemeanor appeal cannot be overemphasized. Do not be lulled into thinking that the only consequence you might face are the penalties that the court imposes.   Many times the consequences of a misdemeanor conviction outside the criminal justice system are more grave than those that any judge will impose upon you.  The consequences might include a suspension of your license (driver’s license or any other type of license), suspension from your job, or worse outright dismissal.

Filing a timely appeal of a misdemeanor conviction is critical.  Stephen Preziosi understands that your misdemeanor appeal may not be the biggest case in the world, but it is certainly the biggest case in YOUR world – and that is precisely the same as the biggest case in the world.

Hiring An Experienced Criminal Appeals Lawyer For Your Misdemeanor Appeal Is Vital 

Mr. Stephen Preziosi focuses his practice on criminal appeals.  If you or someone you care about has been convicted of a misdemeanor, then you need a lawyer that focuses his practice in the area of criminal appeals and criminal appellate law.

Mr. Preziosi has been practicing in the area of appeals for more than a decade and dedicates his practice exclusively to the area of criminal appeals.  Not only does he focus on criminal appeals, but he focuses on results for his clients.  Each case that he handles receives his personal attention and is personally researched and developed by Mr. Preziosi.